Aqua Soft remains firm to maintain its dominance in water refilling station business. It will continue to advance its strategic programs and pursue its network expansion to ensure superior market coverage nationwide.


     Aqua Soft′s prime advantage among other franchised water stores in the country today is the fact that it was developed by the premier Water Treatment Specialist, Aqua Treatment Technology that is now integrated in Aqua Soft Water Systems, the banner company that franchises Aqua Soft Stations all over the Philippines. Aqua Soft water stations are the only franchised stations using the space-age technology on water filtration and purification through the 16 stages water treatment equipment. This treatment system was proven to be of higher advantage than any other water treatment equipment specifically on maintenance.


     Aquasoft , now over a decade in existence, has truly endeavored to become a by-word not onlyin providing the Filipino people of safe and pure drinking water but also in making Aqua Soft Franchise the most organized franchising system in the industry. We never rest in making our customers happy & sales margin healthy!

Our Vision: To develop and create innovative products and services that will adapt to the ever-changing economic environment that will become a part of the Filipino family and will bring growth to the company, its employees and business partners.

Our Mission: To uplift the lives of Filipino people by creating profitable and sustainable business ventures that will help create a new economy for the country.


     We believe in quality and stand on quality, which means Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes and understanding exactly what the customer requires, needs and expects without sacrificing the core concepts of the business.

     We believe in expertise and experience which results in an empowered management & marketing structure by continuously innovating plans, strategies and its whole system to sustain it’s goal.

     We believe in competition and progress. Our simple basis says that "When the customer is satisfied that this water is better than the Other bottled water, it is usually easy to create more market and Spread business."


     Aqua Soft is one among the very few in the Franchising business to espouse 16 stage purification process in its water station equipment set-up. After years of careful studies, research & product testing, the said process which incorporates, among others, filtration, sedimentation, water softening /ion exchange, carbon, Reverse Osmosis & UV Antimicrobial process, is continually being perfected to make sure that the product water is not only safe & pure but has a crisp, svelte & smooth taste that Aqua Soft is distinctly known for.


     In its objective to become a multifaceted and a consummate water franchising business, Aqua Soft franchises a Bottling Facility complete with a Plastic Bottle Manufacturing machineries and State-of -the-Art Automated Rotary Type Bottling machine capable of producing up to 6000 bottles an hour.

     This provides an avenue for the production of the BFAD-approved Aqua Soft bottled water with LTO (Licensed to Operate) number. Likewise, it can now accommodate TOLL manufacturing for entities that wish to market bottled water bearing their own product name (Tolling).

     This is a very distinctive advantage of Aqua Soft as it does not only maintain a DOH accredited Water Station Set-up, the first and the only one in the Water franchising business; it also allows its franchised water station to expand their reach by empowering them to market to different consumer outlets, Hotel and dining establishments where only BFAD-approved bottled water products are allowed to be marketed.


     The key to competitiveness of any company lies on its strength to keep itself, as well as its target market updated and well-informed! Such as the driving force that fuels Aqua Soft to be always in full gears in the aspects of Marketing & advertising. It constantly comes up with activities & programs to highlight the many benefits that Aqua Soft could potentially give its consumers. It never rests on its already popular BRAND NAME & recall, thus, it is always on the look-out for venues to ultimately bring its name to as many households as possible.

     Sponsorship in Concert & other productions; participation in major events & programmed tri-media campaigns are staple in its corporate platform.

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