10 years…

How swiftly time passes…

In a blink of an eye, and all so suddenly a decade has already come and gone. Like watching scenes in our lives played fast forwardyet each and every frame is still so vivid…so alive…

Aquasoft Cebu is already 10!

We remember how it all started …Cebu then was starting to be bustling with commerce and industry that it had become a popular destination for business expansions and small-and-medium-enterprise. It had also offered a canvass for business concepts that may have gained mileage in major countries but was still an “adventure” in the Philippine set-up…the concept of Franchising.

Thru the genius of Ms. Hope Quin Lee, ASWSI President. ATT or Aqua treatment Technology, the undisputed trailblazer in the water processing technology industry, that was then enjoying tremendous success in Metro Manila.., thought of venturing into the world of franchising via Aquasoft – the FIRST brand name of a Water Refilling Station to be available for franchising – meaning, it’s entire business concept- brand name, ideals, packaging, etc - was readily made available for a businessman to replicate.
The company then thought of simultaneously launching the idea in Metro Manila and Cebu in 1998. But it was only in 1999, that Cebu branch office officially opened and started the onslaught of Aquasoft Stations in the Queen City of the South.

That was to be the start of the remarkable spread of Aquasoft not only in Cebu but throughout the entire Visayas and Mindanao! Its first year alone in Cebu marked the opening of more than a hundred stations in the VisMin market or a whopping average of 10 stations a month – indeed a phenomenal performance for a rather novel concept at that time.

But as expected, it’s not all roses as the intricacies of a Franchised water station were not fully developed yet at that time that flaks were expected …Fortunately, the branch was replete with go-getters and achievers who were not about to be let down with the criticisms! 4 aggressive teams on the First generation and 4 on the second, named after Precious Stones feverishly competed with each other to seek potential franchisees and polished systems that eventually refined the franchising methodologies of Aquasoft : namely Gold, Amethyst, Sapphire and Diamond for the first generation and EMERALD, MOISSANITE, CITRINE & RED JADE for the 2nd! These teams were composed of brilliant Marketing and sales people that, thanks to them, tremendously helped in the unprecedented growth of Aquasoft in VisMin Region! They may not be here anymore with us as they chose other paths to tread, but their contributions shall always be etched in the memoirs of Aquasoft!

So it’s been 10 years…10 years worth of dreams to be of humble service to the people…of providing EVERY FILIPINO FAMILY’S TABLE with an excellent brand of purified drinking water…one that puts a premium on the SEAL OF QUALITY…one that adheres to the tenets of RELIABILITY OF SERVICE…and one that REALLY gives VALUE to the hard-earned money of its loyal consumers.

What’s next?!

We unfold the VARIOUS EXCITING THINGS as we conform with the changes of times as indeed life is a constant change! But change is it- FOR THE BETTER!

New AFFORDABLE Aquasoft station packages
New Aquasoft Paraphernalias
…Marketing peripherals…
…Store Personnel uniforms & accessories

New battlecry
New promotional programs…
…the launching of a NEW TV AD…catering to a younger segment of consumers!

We are geared toward CONTINUOUS INNOVATION
We are open to RE-INVENTION!
We are always CUSTOMER SATISFACTION driven!
We are SERVICE in action!
We are aiming GLOBAL!
We are AQUASOFT CEBU!! After 10 years…