I. Confirmation of franchise

• Required down payment

• Endorsement of official contractor (In house building contractor officially commissioned by AquaSoft for its new franchisees' site construction and/or renovation)


II. Pre-Installation

• Initial ocular inspection
-upon clearing of downpayment, initial ocular inspection and water shall be conducted by an Architect or a Technical Representative
-Purchase Request(PR) and Franchise Agreement shall be prepared.

• Microbial Test and Physico-Chemical Test for SOURCE WATER -FREE once only, to be accomplished by the Technical Team making use of sterilized bottle provided by an accredited laboratory

• Subsequent samples for re-testing will already be charged to client should the initial FREE water tests fail.

• Upon release of a PASSED water test result, a DRAFT of site lay-out with complete specifications will be given to the client 7 days after initial ocular inspection.

• Expected duration of SITE readiness:
-If Renovation - 20 working days
-If Construction - 45 working days

• Delivery and turn-over of Product & Source Tanks upon 50% completion of renovation works, usually after floor tiling.

• Final ocular inspection of Architect or Tech. Rep. upon 90% completion of renovation/construction.

III. Installation and Post-installation

• Installation 3 working days (8hr/day)

• Flushing 2 working days (8hr/day)

• Sampling for Microbial & Physicochemical Test (FREE once only)

• Formal turn-over of the equipment after the release of a Passed Product Water Test Result.